Am I Too Old for YouTube?

So this is one of my more popular videos, a serious talk about depression. this video one of my most popular has only gotten 38 views as of today. so as a micro YouTuber (aka a YouTuber who has less than 100 subscribers)  is it my age? yes, I know POCs don’t get viewed as much on youtube because the demographics are predominantly white and people tend to watch people like them, however, I can’t help but think that 27 is too old for youtube. now before I start beating myself up about what I can’t fix I wanted to sit and chat with you about why I will continue to promote myself on youtube, so here we go! ten reasons I will still continue my youtube channel.

  1. I love side projects. there, I said it, now why won’t you say it back!!! just kidding, now seriously side projects are a good way for me to expand my knowledge base by using a practical application of what I know.
  2. it gives me skills: video production skills, video editing skills, online marketing skills, branding skills, time management skills. skills, skills, skills. skills. skills people!
  3. I love being creative. creativity rocks, and being able to craft a poem and perform it in front of a camera like I did with my feminism poem was awesome. then there are silly skits I’ve done like “how to not take care of your succulent” where I get to enjoy not taking myself too seriously.
  4. it’s a new and challenging adventure. I like challenging myself to make more creative videos and express myself in new and more creative ways.
  5. I like brushing up on old skills. so video editing is a skill I haven’t used since middle school and back then it was the basics: what is a camera what does it do? how do you edit using the basics? and I’m a big fan of using what I’ve learned in the past to more forward in the future.
  6. Some of the greats are older than me. Zefrank, Hannah Hart, Hank and John Green, Weezy Waiter and newer vloggers like Shameless Maya. I know I’m just saying that to make me feel better, but hey, they put more time into it than me.
  7. It’s a fun hobby. so I don’t consider this as a job or as a business venture. I do consider this as a fun hobby of mine because anything else would make me feel like a failure.
  8. I enjoy investing my time into something meaningful. so this week I did a video where I talked about race and LGBT issues and in the black community. because my channel doesn’t get many views controversial topics tend to be easier to talk about. I don’t have many people commenting so the likelihood of a hate comment is pretty low.
  9. I absolutely love when someone comments or likes my videos. so this seems shallow but when someone appreciates your work how can you not take some pride in it and in yourself?
  10. I want to have people view my corner of the internet. I like to put out a lot of think pieces whether they be on grief, social issues or just growing up. that’s what I want to learn about and I know I’m not the only one, but if you build it they will come. I’m still building so it will take me some time but I know that there will be like-minded individuals who will want to watch my stuff.

So to answer the question “Am I too old for YouTube?” I would have to say the answer is maybe, but for me it isn’t about getting famous or being deemed special. it’s about being the best I can be and that starts with learning new skills and being grateful for the knowlege that I have.


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