My June Faves 2017

So some of my favorite Internet vloggers talk about their monthly favorites and as much as I love makeup products, I’m too broke to buy new stuff to make one of those blogs. however, I do love music, YouTube, and podcasts and there have been some great ones this month that I want to talk about.

  • Dear Hank and John: because not only am I a giant nerd who loves news from mars but I am a nerd fighter who loves all of John and Hank’s internet ventures.
  • Ladies Who Lunch: Ingrid Neilson’s podcast which is amazing and thought provoking, and unlike her usual stuff, makeup and lifestyle vlogs, this has more weight to it.
  • Tyler Oakley’s “Chosen family” series: one of the best documentary vlogs about the LGBTQIA community that I have seen. not only does tyler talk about how to come out but gay refugee lives, advice for LGBTQIA+ people,  Orlando, and stonewall.
  • Asante the Artist: just all of her stuff. it’s so good. check her out she’s a Harvard grad and a filmmaker. just check her out she is an amazing woman.
  • The Financial Diet: so this one is a website but also a youtube channel as well. it makes saving money and being financially responsible as a type of lifestyle and I really like that kind of idea.
  • Semiprecious Weapons: a band that I love. I want to share their awesomeness with you. check out their song “Drink” that’s all I’ll say.
  • Tegan And Sara: so I got into Tegan and Sara a few years back but then this month there has been a resurgence after I hear their song “Boyfriend”. it reminded me of this girl I had a crush on and ever since I have been listening to their stuff again.
  • A Giant Dog: so I watched Girlboss from Netflix and the last two episodes played their song “I’ll Come Crashing” and I just needed to hear it again… then again… and again. it has quickly become my most played song in my Spotify playlist.
  • The Neighborhood: so I threw them in because of “sweater weather” but also because I do like some of their other stuff too.

so that’s about it for this month, and I think I may do another one next month if this goes over well. what i think is that a person’s corner of the internet is a good way to get to know them.  so now I want to know you, so you tell me what is your internet corner. write you top faves in the comments down below.


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