Classy| A Real Girl’s Guide

So growing up my father’s parents were extremely stodgy people. they didn’t like for me to play on the furniture, they decorated their house with breakables (which surprisingly I didn’t break) they had an antique telephone (i know seriously) and they entertained guests with homemade dinners from scratch. growing up I thought that they had no idea how to relate to kids so I never bothered trying to get to know them. they knew so little about me (like my hatred for fancy dresses made of taffeta and my enjoyment of playing outside in the dirt) that it was always hard to relate to them. as time went on I tended to view class and elegance with a sense of disdain. I began to view people who were classier as boring, cerebral people. now I loved my grandparents they were spectacular people and could be very kind and generous individuals, however, I mentioned then because right now I’m nearing thirty (currently at 27)  and I realize that my grandparents weren’t these stodgy people but just people. you see they were from the south and there they had some rules about how you should behave and there were certain expectations that needed to be respected and followed. and much of being an adult, at least in my experience is about being a better version than you were raised. and for that means taking pride in what I own, learning to entertain guests, and creating my own set of rules to live by. now, all of that begins with what my grandparents taught me.

So I watch a lot of YouTube (like so much) and some of my favorites are lifestyle video bloggers like Claire from The Kitchy Kitchen and  Mary from M A R Y E L I Z A B E T H. they are classy elegant women and I don’t view them as stodgy at all. in fact I have learned a great deal about how to entertain and throw parties that, despite my upcoming post fourth of July Jargarita’s party (because I have more mason jars than glasses) I want to entertain like an adult.  Now that requires a certain level of… well class. so I have learned that to have that level of class you have to learn from classy people; things like how to pair wines with cheeses, how to make a baked brie, and how to make a cheese plate don’t just come naturally to anybody. okay, maybe one person but hey, they’re a snob so f*ck them (just kidding).  anyhow, I had to learn how to do those things from watching Cooking shows, reading books, Googling how to make a cheese plate, and Pinning various recipes and infographics to my Pinterest.

so all this knowledge needed to be put to use, so this year I had my first brunch with my friends. it was my first official act as an adult and will not certainly be my last. I was a little short on chairs because I only have two but other than that the thing seemed to be a success. I made a Feta and Chicken Quiche, I bought croissants and fresh orange Juice. it was a nice gathering and I think I may do it again sometime. but before I do, I need to buy more chairs.

so this doesn’t seem like a real guide unless I give you some real advice, so here goes:

  1. you are hosting the party you don’t have to bring everything, just get the essentials (food, appetizers, etc) and ask you guests to bring on item each to add to the event. this sort of thing being, drinks, entertainment like board games, and maybe depending on your group of friends someone to bring the music. trust me its more budget friendly and real friends will want to contribute as well.
  2. HAVE ACTIVITIES! I cannot stress this enough especially if not everyone in your friend group has met each other because then the room is filled with awkward silences and then people want to leave or get drunk then rowdy. I suggest or Jenga because I love Jenga. Pictionary too, but that game is surprisingly hard to find in stores.
  3. don’t pick overly fancy cheeses. no one will try them and then you will have spent somewhere around 20-30 bucks on cheese that no one, including you, will want to eat. just stick to the basics that every body loves Brie, Cheddar, Gouda, Mozzarella, and if you want to go fancy, go for a cracked pepper goat cheese.
  4. Roast Vegetables work as an awesome side dish. they are easy to make and make you seem like a master cook when you are not. just add oil, seasonings, and salt onto your favorite veggies and bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minuets.
  5.  pair red wines with red meats and white wines with lighter meats. red wines tend to go better with beef and white wine tends to go better with fish and chicken.
  6. buy cheap wine to cook with and go for moderate wines for drinking. do not over-spend on wine you are going to cook with, it’s just not budget-friendly.
  7. Pinterest is your frienemy. Pinterest recipes look awesome and sometimes it works out but not always. so be cautious and try the recipe a few days before the party instead of on the day of because something could always go wrong or the recipe might be overly complicated or has steps not listed and you end up having to guess the rest of the way.
  8. you can make a quiche out of nearly anything. have leftover chicken, some cheese, and some veggies well add some egg and a piecrust and what do you know! it’s delicious, it keeps well, and you look like an overachiever but are actually on a budget.
  9. if you entertain a lot like I do you should invest in dining accouterment. stuff like plates, silverware, and napkins go a long way. try not to invest too heavily in wineglasses and other stemware because they tend to be fragile and breaks easily (especially when drunk and cleaning up).
  10. always be proud of yourself. I know that seems a little weird but if you are like me and didn’t grow up with that level of class then trying to go that extra mile is a personal best for you. be proud of that.

so that’s my list, I hope you enjoyed this post because I enjoy making them. if you liked this then click the like button and if you want to check out more by me then go ahead. anyways have an awesome day.


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